Divorce Laws in India: Easier to get divorced

[ 4 ] July 5, 2010

If you have been following divorce laws in India, then you will know that its now much easier to get divorced thanks to new laws that make breaking a marriage in India, a little more simple.

According to the BBC, the Indian governments new proposed law would mean an “irretrievable breakdown of marriage” could be used if the Hindu marriage act is altered. Before now you needed “mutual consent” to get divorced in India.

In some cases we understand that this kind of action is needed, but all possible situations should normally be explored before thinking about divorce. What are your views on India changing their divorce laws to make it easier to separate?

It’s no surprise that the BBC says 400 in every 1,000 U.S. marriages end in divorce, compared to just 11 in 1,000 Indian marriages. What would this change to the law in India do to the current rate?

You can see a video below that debates the new change in law.

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  • sumit

    hi i want to take divorce from my wife .we have married from the last 4 years and have a daughter.my wife is again pregnant from the last 4 monts.the age of my daughter is 3 years.i want to keep my daughter with me.so please suggest me the way.its v ery urgent.

  • ashutosh

    if one party is delaying the proceedings , it is a kind of harrashment., other party should get benifited & protection.
    how u can live with such person who is harrishing you.

    • rao ramesh

      the delay might as you have noticed is due to the procedures.Stay separate to avoid
      mutual harassment! And that is decent way to avoid confrontations and misbehavior.

  • ramesh

    As you have noticed it is due to procedures.It is also one way of reconciliation methods.If you do-not like the situation,stay separate and avoid any harassment