Divorce money from McCartney: spent half says Heather

[ 6 ] October 24, 2008

Heather Mills, ex wife of Paul McCartney and former model said that she has almost spent half her £24 million divorce settlement from the Beatles star. Heather claims that a lot of the money has gone to charity, although she is keeping some behind for “projects and causes that will make this world a better place”.

The Sun newspaper paints a different picture claiming that most of Paul McCartney’s divorce cash has been spent on lavish holidays, plush properties and staff wages.

It’s reported that Mills has brought a £2.5 million flat in New York, spend £1 million on renovations to her East Sussex estate and invested almost £6 million in other properties.

Mills also donated £612,000 worth of vegetarian to the homeless children in the Bronx.

It seems that Heather divorce money has been burning a hole in her pocket and she has been spending like there is no tomorrow no wonder she has been moaning that it didn’t go as far as she thought it would.

Heather said she has spent £10 million since her divorce and she isn’t happy that none of her houses are ready for her to live in.

Poor Heather… as we choke on our coffee’s in the Diva office.

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  • Katherine

    Not a fan of hers, but investing in real estate is smart not frivolous. Better to have it in properly valued real estate than the stock market or sitting in a bank. And that was true even before the financial debacle the US and Europe are in the throws of.

    • Tom Foster

      Tell that to the millions who lost their shirt in the real estate bust of 2008/2009!!

  • Joyce Marie

    Boo Hoo…NOT

  • edsullivan

    But, what about her kid?

  • Tom Foster

    easy come, easy go!!!

  • Charles

    Remember the old saying: “A fool and his/her money are soon parted!”