Jessica Simpson sadness cover-up over divorce with Nick Lachey

[ 4 ] September 12, 2008

Jessica Simpson, singer and actress speaks about her devastation and sadness over her divorce with Nick Lachey, its reported that when she recorded her single “A Public Affair” was she was so sad inside and dancing around was the last thing on her mind, she had to convince everyone she was happy in the up-beat video.

The Dukes of Hazzard star, said that she felt so distraught and hurt at the time of her divorce, she said she found herself in such a weak place surrounded by media attention. Her ex husband Nick Lachey poured his heart out in his “What’s left of me” album, Jessica said she felt that everyone was expecting her to do the same.

Although Jessica said her country music is more a true reflection to her life, and how she feels inside, and dancing around on roller skates whilst promoting a “Public Affair” put her under major scrutiny that she just couldn’t handle. She added if you want ever want to tell you story, then start writing country music.

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  • Anonymous

    Sorry people but she is as fake as they come. She has used the same line after her records flop about being so sad and broken up about her personal life. She gave pretty much the same excuse when Irresitable flopped because she left Nick.

    Remember she and her father were producers on her last record. She made childish faces when Nick’s songs were played on radio shows that she was a guest on and acted like she was above being truthful with fans. What a coincedence that now she’s trying to get people’s sympathy 3 years after the split.

  • kb

    It has been years, what is she still talking about it and she is the one that wanted out. He has moved on and is happy — what does she want?????

  • AR

    She is so fake! I just can’t stomach her! Nick is better off without her anyway!

  • anonymous

    Even though she was the one that wanted out that doesnt mean that she cant cry about their divorce. I think what their going through are tough but they just need to realize that the route that their heading to is taking them no where! Married couples have problems i understand but that doesnt mean that you cant work things out. Hopefully one day they’ll wake up and realize that it was meant to be they were so in love. And im pretty sure that love is still there somewhere. He’s dating someone that simply just wants attention and she’s dating someone that is making dumb comments about her.