Katie Price chooses divorce, while Pountneys mend

[ 0 ] May 14, 2014

Katie Price chooses divorce, while Pountneys mend

Katie Price choosing to divorce Kieran Hayler made headlines a week ago and Katie shared her pain on Twitter last week as well, which were her last tweets as you can see in the screenshot below. Katie Price didn’t hold back and the divorce proceedings are well underway, although there’s another story for the previous best friend.

Jane Pountney and her husband Derrick are trying to fix their relationship, rather than choose divorce. We doubt things have been totally patched up, but it is clear they are trying to “work through it”. The Pountneys were recently seen at an event near their West Sussex home, just this past weekend, and it has been reported that both of them were wearing wedding rings.


There’s a number of reports in the media stating the couple are moving on with “their family life” and both are “determined” to make their marriage work, rather than choosing divorce.

Do you think Katie Price should choose divorce, or at least try and fix her marriage?

It is clear Katie has been really hurt by this, as is understandable, although some people think she should try and forgive if Hayler was willing to change? Of course, this couldn’t be further from the minds of a number of Divorce Diva readers and some would even say “a man will never change, once he’s cheated”.

One thing is certain, Katie Price will go ahead with telling her story and profit from it, although Kieran Hayler and Jane Pountney won’t want that to cause problems with their relationship while they work it out. The next few weeks will be interesting to see reactions when the full story is told. You can follow Katie Price on Twitter right here.


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