Muslim women have no rights if divorce, says campaign group

[ 0 ] February 20, 2015

Muslim women have no rights if divorce, says campaign group

It looks like a campaign group in Birmingham wants to highlight exactly what divorce rights Muslim women have and this comes after a recent warning to both the media, as well as directly to Muslim women.

While this won’t come as a shock to some people in the community, others will be totally shocked after hearing Muslim women will have no rights if they get divorced. The campaign group in Birmingham sent out warnings to thousands of Muslim women, which stated they have “no rights if they divorce”.


The reason given, is simply because their marriages are apparently “not recognised by law”. The news and warning came from Habiba Jaan from Aurat, also a video was showcased on the BBC website that you can watch for yourself right here.

In a nutshell, if Muslim women haven’t backed up their Sharia or religious marriage with a civil ceremony, then they wouldn’t be covered under UK law if divorce proceedings take place. There’s plenty of women impacted by this issue, as The Asian Network’s Poonam Taneja knows all too well.

The video on BBC’s website reveals a few women affected by this issue from a Birmingham Mosque. If you also know anyone impacted by this, or even if that’s yourself, then feel free to leave a comment below.

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