Plate of peas becomes reason for divorce

[ 0 ] January 4, 2014

Plate of peas becomes reason for divorce

There will always be a wide range of reasons people give to divorce their partners, but today we saw one of the strangest reasons given for divorce from newlyweds.

It seems like a plate of peas is now a good enough reason for some partners to separate and even divorce.

One newlywed Kuwaiti woman listed that her husband likes to use bread instead of a fork when eating certain food, and in this case that seems to be a plate of peas.

What’s wrong with a man that likes to eat peas with bread, rather than cutlery?

A lot according to this news report, but there might be a lot more to this story than first meets the eye. This really comes down to what some people believe is poor table manners, and should table manners be a reason to divorce the one you decided to marry?

Normally, you would see reasons for divorce include abuse or infidelity, but for this lady in the Gulf state it seems like there’s a lot more to a marriage and the way you eat hits the top of her list for a bad match.

Read the source via the above link, the details are very vague, and let Divorce Diva readers know if you would divorce over bad table manners?


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